As one of the world’s oldest industries, shipping isn’t exactly on par to compete or rather collaborate alongside its modern, digitalised logistics counterpart; and needs to catch up as we’re increasingly looking at a more integrated maritime value chain.

As Shipping2030 Asia continues to cover tech applications in AI, Big Data, VSAT and other emerging trends in the maritime industry, new focus areas include the evolution of ship financing and investments; easing digital adoption and adaption within vessels; and revamping business models and revenue streams to manage new demands like the customer-led drive for efficiency.

Primarily featuring panels and roundtable discussions alongside a few curated tech keynote addresses, the three-days’ conference is designed as a forum to convene key decision-makers in maritime to learn and network with one another.


Shipping Leaders’ Forum – The Next Steps of Technology Transformations
Post COVID-19 technology investment assessments
Streamlining Leadership, Process and Technology
Technology trends in trade, freight, and customisation for the owners